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Planet Lame Midi

These songs are the pride of the galaxy, the lamest in the land. Donít confuse lame with song that suck, these MIDIs are good in their own way. Qualifications for lame songs include being catchy, funny, stupid, and should be by an artist that is not well known. Feel free to send me additional lame numbers you feel should be on here. Rated on a scale from 1 being not so lame to 10 being pimpiní lame!! Only songs with ratings of 5 or above will be posted!

Reggae gone wrong!!!------------------------------------------------------------------7
A Lame Dance MIDI with a PHAT bass-line!----------------------------------8
Song's called Catina! Download or die! ----------------------------------9
The Chicken Dance!!!----------------------------------------------------7.5
BAM!!! Feel the wrath of Lameness!!!!! A must download!---------------------------10
Submitted by Ryan : Ryan's Homepage
Sounds awsome on some sound cards and sucks on others. Tell me what you think------N/R
Yeeeeeeeee-Hawwwww! Where did you come from cotton-eye joe!-------------------------8.5
Dueling Bajoes!!!!!!!!!!! Pimpin'!!!!!!--------------------------------------------8.0
The Electric Slide was lame to begin with but this version takes the cake!-7.5
Carnival CrAp!!!!!!!!!!!!!-------------------------------------------------7
One of my personal favorites.-----------------------------------------------9
What can you say about a song so lame!!!-----------------------------------9
The first time I heard this I laughed out loud!!!----------------------------9.5
Submitted by Ryan : Ryan's Homepage
Name says it all!!!--------------------------------------------------------8.0
El Mexicano Lame-O!!!-------------------------------------------7.5
Very Catchy! Play it a few times and you'll be singing it for weeks!!!-------10
The ULTIMATE Carnival Song!!!!----------------------------------------------9
Take me out to the ball game!! (Super-Hyper-Ultra lamafied version)--------9.0
You can cram a lot of lameness into a short song!!!!--------------9.5
I think I got this off of a Japanese techno site, serious!-------7.5
Not that lame but must be included!!!-----------------------------6.5

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