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MIDIs have become a very popular sound file on the web and that's why I've devoted a page to it. The reason is simple; MIDI sounds offer good sound while taking up very little space. The reason MIDI songs take up so little space is because they contain the instructions for your sound card to produce the sound, not the actual sound such as in a WAV. Please send me any MIDI songs that you feel should be listed.

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4\14\99--I think tripod is requiring me to update my page once a month from now own but I'm sure you're not disappointed. But really there's not much to add until I get more space. Word of advice: do not advertise with Cyberthrill! They never sent me a check and didn't even tell me that they were purposely withholding it because of a Fraud investigation?!? They're full of crap. They said something about not generating 'quality hits' when I inquired but oh well. Please E-Mail me if you have an advertiser to recommend.

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